21 Reasons to use Goldstar Shea Butter

21 Reasons to use Goldstar Shea Butter

Goldstar shea butter has countless benefit. The Goldstar shea butter is Unrefined and Natural with many benefits including treating itchy, crack and dry skin. Try goldstar unrefined 100 % grade A shea butter today!

1. Dry skin

2. Skin rash

3. Eczema 

4. Dermatitis

5. Skin peeling after tanning

6. Sunburn

7. Itching Skin

8. Skin Cracks

9. Blemishes and wrinkles

10. Shaving cream for a smooth silky shave

11. Tough or rough skin

12. Frost Bite

13. Skin damages from heat

14. Insect bites

15. Skin allergy such as poison ivy or poison oak

16. For before and after strenuous exercise and intense workout

17. Muscle fatigue, aches and tension

18. Stretch marks prevention during pregnancy

19. Healthy skin

20. Cold weather

21. Small skin wounds


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